Apology and correction — it’s “Cray-Pas”

Friends, I have to make one correction, with an apology —-

In every article about my “Oil Pastel Experiments” below, I just assumed the developed-in-Japan oil pastel was named “Crepus,” but I’ve found out that the correct name is “CRAY-PAS (R)“. The name is a registered trademark of Sakura Color Products Corp.
Looks like the name is coined from “crayon” and “pastel.”
The name has been quite common in Japan’s kindergartens, so I just wrongly assumed it’s a common Japanese noun!

ところが実は、「クレパス」というのは (株)サクラ クレパスさんの登録商標なのでした! 昨日、発見しました!
したがって、今後は 「クレパス(R)」と記しますね。


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