( ?_?) (^~^ ;;)

(   ?_?)  What the —- ????

Ha, ha, ha, I’m working on some signboards of a neighborhood church, and here is a “support” for one of the signs. I’ve got a thick wooden board cut into the right size, attached some hooks on it (so I can fix them firmly onto the right place once the sign is done), and applied layers of waterproof gesso.   (^o^ ;;)

You see, before beginning to draw and paint on it, an outdoor sign needs to be waterproofed tightly.

(   ?_?)  なんや、これは~~?

ははは、近所の教会の看板を作りまんねん。その「支持体」でんがな。厚い木の板をサイズに合わせて切って、取り付け用の金具を取り付けて、防水ジェッソを何層も塗りましてん。  (^o^ ;;)


(;; ^o^)

(;; ^o^)


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