Kingfishers on a T-shirt / カワセミのTシャツ

Working on an order from a certain customer, who wants some kingfishers or flycatchers
hand-painted on a white/blue T-shirt.

Here are my sketches for the “kingfisher versions” — either
– the birds on white,    or
– on dyed green and aqua blue

The customer chooses which way to go!

Want me to hand-paint some T-shirts to the designs you want?
Please let me, Heeday (Hideki), know at
FAX: +81-3-6765-3977

Price?  For either of the two versions below, JPY 6,500- a piece,
excluding the shipment!

Kingfishers on white
——————-Front                                                                                          Back
* Note that you have paintings on the front, the back, and a shoulder, for
JPY 6,500- + shipment.

On white

On white

Kingfishers on a T-shirt dyed in pale blue and green

—————————-Front                                                                       Back

On pale green and blue

On pale green and blue





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