“Huh? What??” (ええ?なに?)

“Felt-tip marker pointillism” has its weakness — for one thing, since the resulting colors are usually very tender and mild, it is quite tough to obtain strong chiaroscuro (contrast of dark and bright).
Thus, in the experiment below, I tried to achieve the best chiaroscuro I could — maybe, still weak….

“Huh? What??”, felt-tip marker on paper
(Not for sale — another experiment)

そこでこの例では、可能な限りのキアロスクーロを得ようとしたのですが … でも、まだ弱いかな??

“Huh? What??”(ええ?なに?)、紙にマーカー
(非売品 ・・ 実験ですので)

Chiaroscuro --- still weak??

Chiaroscuro — still weak??


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