So, some of the resulting “letters” / で、たとえばこんな文字が~

Here are some of the letters I have made using the lettering template below (yesterday’s post) — they say “NO!”, not “No1”.
You see, it looks so simple, yet it actually takes some preparations (the template) and time-consuming, accurate handwork to make letters with beads.

Why do I do that?  I want to put some social messages into accessories as well. I saw many beaded accessories that were lovely and carefully crafted, yet irrelevant to what happened to the world — be it war, nuclear plant meltdowns, genocides, etc.
Just imagine you are opposed to some industrial practices deteriorating our natural environment. Then, isn’t it nice if you can wear a little accessory that says, for instance, “NO FRACKING!” ??

さて、下の(昨日の投稿)レタリング テンプレートをもとに作った文字の一部です。NO! ですよ、No1 ではありません。

たとえば、これをご覧のあなたが、なにか自然環境を破壊する産業活動に反対してらっしゃるとしましょう。なら、たとえば NO FRACKING というメッセージの入った小さなアクセサリーを身に着けられれば、素敵じゃないですか??

It says NO! It's not No1.

It says NO!
It’s not No1.


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