And the square — / そして正方形も

Now, if you want something even more for “street punks” —
I’ve added the “punky square and isosceles triangle” of May 7th to the choker.
The left photo shows it in the full length of 48cm (18.9″), and the right one in 42cm (16.5″). Once again, sorry, the right photo is blurred.

And, as I said below, this is a custom-made workshop, so you can specify you fav size, colors, budget, etc. I’ll try to meet them as far as I can.

では、下のチョーカーをさらに「ストリート パンクぽく」したい方々のために・・・





42cm  Sorry, teh photo is blurred again!

42cm Sorry, teh photo is blurred again!

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