A “monitor” wanted

So, the choker below is done, with the two beaded balls, as shown in the photos here.
I need a “consumer monitor” to try it on and tell me how she/he feels about it, especially, its weight, tactility, radiance, etc.
If interested, please let me know your  name, “snail mail” address, and e-mail address, at ermite@jcom.home.ne.jp  !

To the chosen “monitor,” I will send you the choker, 42cm (16.5″) around the neck, free of charge. I will pay for the shipment as well. So, you don’t have to pay me anything.

Please try the choker on several times, and let me know, via e-mail or fax, how you feel about it, especially its tactility, weight, etc. as well as how you like it (or not) as a whole.
Your nationality, ethnicity, place of residence, age, or gender does not matter.
Yet please keep in mind the choker is 42cm (16.5″) aroudn the neck.

(Click each photo to enlarge)

The choker -- on its own

The choker — on its own


As worn by a torso

As worn by a torso

A closer look

A closer look

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