Some like it big, some like it small / 大きいのが好きな人も、小さいのが好きな人も

The marble-like pink & colorless stone (plastic) of the choker below won appreciation from some — one of them called “mysterious.” Yes, “colorless pink sways in avant-garde mentality,” I might say.
Some don’t like it, of course. One person said the stone is “too big.”

So, there is need for an atelier of made-to-order accessories.
Since Atelier anastasia workd to individual orders, I can make either of the two shown below.

For those of you who think the “stone” is too big, the right one has a new, flattened ball of pink beads.  As the other two do, it also contains two color beads inside.

Or maybe you might want a third, fourth — option. Please let me know, when you make an order to me!



「アトリエ あなすたーしゃ」はオーダーメイドのアトリエですので、可能限り個々のご注文に合わせて制作します。下の写真のいずれでも、ご注文の方を作れるわけですね。



With a new falattened ball of pink beads / 新しく、扁平なピンクのビーズボールをセンターに

With a new falattened ball of pink beads / 新しく、扁平なピンクのビーズボールをセンターに

The same choker below / 下のチョーカー、もう一度

The same choker below / 下のチョーカー、もう一度

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