♪ What a difference, la la la la, 140 minutes make ~ 140分違うと、ここまで違う ♪

♪ What a difference, la la la la, 140 minutes make ~ ♪

On Sunday, August 2, I joined in a human model drawing session in my neighborhood. There, the model took six poses in all, each 20 minutes. Shown below is one of the six croquis I made there. Coarse and awful, right??



20-minute croquis, pencil and sketch pastel on paper


20 minutes

20 minutes

With only 20 minutes available, I just concentrated on making a sketch of what the model and her pose gave me as an inspiration, which I meant to draw with way more time later. Now, the full pastel painting of the croquis above is done! You see what a difference 140 minutes can make —- By the way, actually, the model was wearing a short hair do, as shown in the 20-minute croquis. I turned it into a longer hair style, since, to me, long hair looks well with “mystery” —- short hair looks very modern and practical, to my eyes.


で、その「後日ゆっくり描いた」パステル画が、できました! ご覧のとおり、140分の違いで、どれだけの差が生じることか …


“Light from behind,” Pastel pencil and pastel on paper


160 minutes

160 minutes






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