A very good model we had / この日のモデルさん、よかった!

Whewwww —- at long last, I’m freed from some “academic” writing jobs. I’m no academic, but occasionally some people ask me to write something academic, and I don’t like it.  I’ve got them done, and it’s nice to be back what I’m really am.

Now, on Feb. 7, I joined in another human model crosuis (quick drawing) session, and the model this time was a very experienced one. I honestly appreciated her modeling.
Some of her younger counterparts, while posing, are just “standing/seated/lying” pure and simple, with no intention readable from the pose. With a model like this, I really have to “add” something — for instance, painting the background in multiple color strokes, though its is a “croquis.”
Now, this experienced one, took poses that spoke out her intentions. I just drew her as she was, and as I was doing so, I already knew what a full-fledged painting of the pose should look like.

Here is one, from the six poses she took.  The pose let me see a “shower of photons” —-

A 20-min croquis, pencil on paper
(Not for sale)

やれやれ —- しばらく「アカデミックな」文章書きの仕事を押し付けられていました。やっと終わらせて、解放されたのです。私はもちろん、アカデミックな関連の人間ではないのですが、ときにその種のライティングを押し付けられる場合があるんです。私自身は、好まない仕事です。やり遂げたので、ようやく本来の自分に戻ることができました。




This pose looked like a "shower of photons" to me ---

This pose looked like a “shower of photons” to me —


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