Studying landscapes too — / 風景の練習もしています

Well, I’m planning to make some paintings of cityscapes, so I’ve been making studies of
– people, especially their postures and meanings such postures can have (thus, I’m drawing many naked human bodies these days), and
– some landscapes, not plain “as they are” scapes but altered to create some moods, feelings, implications, etc.

Here is a quick sketch of forest, made somehow ghostly.

Quick sketch of forest, pencil on paper
(Not for sale — just a quick sketch as a study)

・ 人物像。特に、その身動きと身動きが持ちえる意味。(そのため、裸体のデッサンが、このところ多いわけです)
・ 風景。「見えるママ」ではなく、何らかのムードや情緒、含意を醸し出すように改変した風景。


(非売品 ・・ ただの練習ですから)

Forest made ghostly, not "forest of ghosts" ---  (^o^ ;;;)

Forest made ghostly, not “forest of ghosts” — (^o^ ;;;)


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