Just memos — / 単なるメモですが

Needless to say, I don’t like showing such “coarse, quick memos“, yet below on May 7,
I said:
“I’m planning to make some paintings of cityscapes, so I’ve been making studies of
– people, especially their postures and meanings such postures can have —-”

So, just to prove I’m doing precisely that, here are a few of the coarse, quick “memos” I’ve made — you see, I’m studying people postures, both clothed and naked.
I’ll make a lot more of such memos and create some cityscapes — though it takes some time.

Please note that even in 2/3-minute quick sketches like shown below, human postures suggest some meanings!

Just 2/3-minute memos of human posture, ball-point pen on paper
(Not meant for sale, of course)

そりゃまあ、こんなクイック メモはあまり人前にさらすもんじゃあ、ござんせん。
・ 人物像。特に、その身動きと身動きが持ちえる意味 ・・・・」




Just 2-3 minutes each, ball-point pen on paper

Just 2-3 minutes each, ball-point pen on paper


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