A very good male model / 優れた、男性のモデルさん

A 20-minute croquis (quick drawing) from another 20-min x 6 pose quick draw session on June 12th.

It was a very lean and tall male model. I found him quite good.
Yet what do I mean by “a good model” — ? I mean one who considers what atmosphere, feelings, intentions, etc. his/her pose should communicate.
A tall and lean guy, this young male model considered carefully, before each and every pose, where and how his body parts should be, and expressed some feelings and carried an atmosphere very well.

Take, for instance, this pencil-on-paper croquis. Please keep in mind that a 20-minute drawing cannot be fine-tuned. Some other artists there insisted on fine-tuning and ended up with just a part of the body. 20 minutes is a cruel time limit for both the artists and the model, who had to maintain the same body posture for 1/3 hour. (Try, if you do not understand what I mean!)

Still, the agony of the model keeping the same posture for 20 minutes and me working quite quickly and coarsely produced this result, which nevertheless carries a certain atmosphere and feelings obviously.

I really appreciated this model.
You see, the competency as a model has nothing to do with the model’s age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality!

A 20-minute croquis, pencil on paper
(Not for sale — just a croquis)

Some atmosphere, right?

Some atmosphere, right?


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