“PAX safety pin” for egalitarians

Beginning in the UK, now there are many people wearing a “safety pin” to show they welcome the mistreated and oppressed — refugees, LGBT people, challenged, ethnic minorities, etc. Just look at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/14/fashion/safety-pin-ally-activism.html?_r=0 for example.

Now, I’ve been wearing a big safety pin myself, but often the message is not clear — “Is it just left over there, after removing a name tag? Or is it there to hold the clothes together?”

So, I’ve made this “PAX” safety pin, first for myself. “PAX” is the Latin for “peace.”
With “PAX” explicitly hanging there, no one will think the pin is left over there after removing a name tag!!

If you are an egalitarian and want a “beaded message safety pin,” I can make one for you, of your fav color, size, and message!

JPY 2,000 (including a “pin” of the size you specify)  
plus the shipment.
(Please note that this message contains no semi-precious stone.)
You can specify the color(s) of the message, the size of the pin, as well as the short message itself — “PAX,” “LOVE,” “EQUAL,” etc.

  • In case of an order from outside Japan, please combine this with another order to make the sum JPY6,000- or above, since the bank takes some JPY4,000- as a foreign exchange handling fee!

To order or inquire, just e-mail me, Heeday Francis, at
or send me a fax at

The pin and message

The pin and message


On a jacket

On a jacket


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