Practical side of dyeing – 2

So, the “sewing machine meets the umbrella” —

“Hello, world” — the hand model greets

Hello, world!

the world, out of the thin white
T shirt.
Alas, the hand has arrived in a
warm region of the planet, where there often take place the thing called “rains”!

“Sprayed” with water, the hand
model’s wooden skin emerges,
now almost bare —

Friends, this is so embarrassing —

After spraying -- the wooden skin comes visible, almost naked!!

no matter what comes visible is
your disregarded back, under-
developed chest, or lovely flabby
belly! If you are “young and sexy,”
this might not be very bad, yet
for old men and women like
myself, being soaked with
precipitation — whether it is from
heavens or from your own body
(sweat) — can make you feel like
you are running down the street
naked!    \”(>O < ;;;)”’/  Oh, no!

Still, if you’re living in places like LA, Tokyo, etc., you know a “dark-colored” T-shirt can turn you into a “stinky animal” by the time you get back home under the scorching sun and rush into the shower ~~~

So, seriously my friends, this experiment is to see how well dyes of pale colors on a thin white T-shirt can alleviate such “sprayed embarrassment” —

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