While deadlines are standing in my way —-

I wish to proceed with the “Weeping Face” below, but temporarily some writing job deadlines are standing in my way. After i meet all those harsh deadlines, I will soon resume the painting.
So, for now, here is one from my old drawings I made with a tricolor ball-point pen.
Ball-point pens are not usually considered as a drawing tool, yet actually they can make some unique effects, depending on how you use them.

下の “Weeping Face”  を進めたいのですが、ライティングの仕事で大急ぎのものが入り、それをまず片付けないといけません。納期が急なのです。その納期を守ってから、すぐに”Weeping Face” を再開します。


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A freelance painter, copywriter, and beading artist
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