The same model / 同じモデルさん

I’m freed from the bondage of the deadlines mentioned below, and will soon resume working on “Weeping Face.”
For now, here is the same model I drew with a ball-point pen below, with another pose, drawn with a different medium, pastel.
To depict “light,” a ball-point pen is certainly not the right medium. while pastel proves its might in that. On the other hand, pastel is such a gentle medium it is often not good in describing the “mess of modernity.’ There, ball-point pens can show how truly “modern” they are.

やっと無理な納期から解放されたので、”Weeping Face” の創作をすぐに再開できます。

The same model in a different pose, in pastel

The same model in a different pose, in pastel

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