Light from the past / 昔の「ひかり」

Another example

Another example

Chatting with a friend, I found out I still had some photos from a “light on paintings”  exhibition I held years ago.
I hung some simple geometrical paintings on the walls, and then some colored light filters between each painting and the light source before it. See what happened.
Each visitor to the gallery was invited to replace one filter with another, so he/she could try some new combinations of a filter and a painting.

As you know, what we actually see with our eyes is light from an object, not the object itself (Ding an sich) —


言うまでもありませんが、私たちが見ているものは、実は物体からの光であって、物体そのもの (Ding an sich) を見ているわけではないのですね。

A "light-painting" combination

A “light-painting” combination

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