Piece 3 of the Quadruptych / 4連祭壇画、ピース3

Here is Piece 3 of the Quadruptych —

Piece 3 of “Quadruptych on Christ Walking on the Water”
Again, pastel, acrulic, and water on paper and cut-out carton, both fixed on wooden board
Brilliant, pure light that invites us above yet does not burn or scorch us — truly gentle light. I saw such light before, to be honest.
And human reasoning tries to give a shape (definition, term, explanation, etc.) to such light — as does the “cutout carton” in this Piece tries to do. Well, this “shaping” always fails, inevitably. Light never stays within a shape.



正直に言ってしまうと、「まばゆく清い光、我々を上へと招きながら、しかも決して我々の肌を焦がさない光」― そんな優しい光を、私は以前、経験したことがあります。


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