Can you guess what this is?? / これ一体なんだ? 分かりますか?

Yes, I’m already working on the next thing. I began with this stuff — well, not very pretty, but what is is anyway???
When a beading artist begins to work, you might suppose he/she first collects all the necessary beads and other parts, estimates the length of fishing line necessary, and cuts the line accordingly — the plain fact is, usually NO.
Usually, she/he starts off with some drawings! And in some case, one of such drawings can be something like this!

ビーズのアーティストが作品の創作を始めるとき、まずは必要なビーズやパーツを集めて、必要なテグス線の長さを推定し、テグスを切ることから始める ・・・ とお考えの方々も、いらっしゃるでしょう。実は、多くの場合、そうではありません。

To begin with ---

To begin with —

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