“Crepus” experiment / クレパスの実験

Might look like a “miserable” painting, but actually it’s an experiment — with a type of oil pastel called “crepus” in Japan. Here, it is usually used at kindergartens, just like Crayola is in the US.

An average Crepus is around 1cm (0.4”) in thickness, so the medium is unfit for drawing precise details. Thus, the hand is ghostly and I had to use a color pencil to draw the eyelashes. Anyone can see Crepus is not the right medium for precise or detailed drawing. Maybe this is why it is generally considered to be “for kindergarteners.”

Yet please note Crepus, once applied to paper, can be slightly extendible with fingertips. This has resulted in the color mixes that I think are quite fanciful. This aspect of Crepus is certainly usable.

Painters, if you like the color mixing effect, try using Crepus where appropriate. And be sure to wash your fingers after that!!




絵描きの皆様、この一種の混色効果がお好きなら、一度クレパスを試してみてくださいな。そして、使用後はしっかり手を洗いましょう …

Experimenting with "Crepus"

Experimenting with “Crepus”





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