20 minutes of pain — / 20分の拷問

I’ve been to a human drawing session in my neighborhood again.
This time, I had some “prepared sheets” — sheets with some water colors or “diluted oil pastel” on it.
Then, in 20 minutes I drew each pose on a “prepared sheet.” Here is one of them.

You see, the model voluntarily tortured her own right arm for 20 minutes — if you don’t know what I’m talking about, try the same pose on yourself for, say, only 5 minutes!!
The incredible endurance and arm pain of the model spoke to me like a knife edge, and I decided to depict her pain, that ran ceaselessly for the 20 minutes —-

今回は、単なるクロッキー用紙だけでなく、「プリペアード シート」を何枚か持って行ったのです。つまり、水彩あるいは「油で溶かしたクレパス」をあらかじめ塗っておいたシートですね。


20 minutes of pain in oil pastel ---

20 minutes of pain in oil pastel —


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