After 2 hectic weeks / 2週間のドタバタでした

I had a week-long rush writing job, and while I was at work on it, my desktop PC’s hard disk broke down!! Thus, the single-week job became a two-week one, and some others came in!
At last, yesterday I got them all done. Now, I can post something again in here.

Here is a quick drawing of a statue — if you are a painter too, you probably carry some pencils, pens, and a sketchbook around almost everywhere you go.
Years ago, I wanted to have a cup of coffee in a district called West Shinjuku, a skyscraper district of Tokyo. So I dropped in a cafe, where I found this statue. I had never drawn this particular statue — I drew a Mars, an Aphrodite, etc. before, yet not this one — so I just made a quick sketch of the statue in the sketch book I had, with a charcoal pencil.

That’s all of that. Please wait till I come up with a new work!

A statue at a cafe, charcoal pencil on paper
Not for sale

1週間かかる大急ぎのライティングの仕事があって、あわててやっていたら、デスクトップPCのハードディスクがぶっ飛んでしまいました! そのため、1週間の仕事が2週間になり、その間にほかの仕事も入ってたのです~~

ある彫刻の、クイック デッサンです。絵描きの皆様ならたいてい、スケッチブックと鉛筆やペンを持ち歩いてらっしゃると思います。どこに行くにも。



The coffee was good!

The coffee was good!


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