Pendant top from late Oct / 10月終わりのペンダント トップ

That blue-and-white cross pendant top is done, at last!
Since the client wanted a *broad cross,* and working with Swarovski beads made the cross shape rather hard to recognize, I formed a Latin cross in the middle.

Around 25mm x 20mm (1″ x 0.8″)
If you want a similar pendant top of Swarovski beads, I could make one to your order, for some JPY2,500 to 3,000, without a semi-precious or precious stone. (The chain in the photo is not included.)

* In case of an order from outside Japan, please combine this with another item, to make the sum value of your order above JPY6,000 or so. This is because the bank takes commission of some JPY4,000!!  <(>_< ;;)

(  ^o^) /  To make an order or inquiry,
just e-mail me, Heeday Francis Washio, at
or send me a fax at
+81 – 3 – 6765 – 3977


ペンダントトップ、およそ25㎜ x 20㎜


( ^o^) / ご注文 ・お問い合わせは、
私、わしお ひでき までEメール
または FAX
03 – 6765 – 3977

Done! Some 25mm x 20mm The chain not included

Some 25mm x 20mm
The chain not included

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