Oil pastel experiment – 1 / クレパスの実験

So, I tried the first experiment with “Crepus” oil pastel, using the 20-min croquis (quick drawing) just below.

I used the type of oil pastel known as “Crepus,” which is usually used at kindergartens. (Think of how Crayola is used in the US.), on canvas paper. After I applied some Crepus on the coarse and firm paper, I spread the Crepus colors with my finger tips. (Here is how Crepus differs from Crayola — the former is a bit extendable with a finger tip.)
Obviously, one major problem with Crepus is working on small details — just see the model’s fingers. So, I had to switch to some color pencils to work on details.
Otherwise, Crepus makes rather lovely colors, with strong contrasts among them. And the colors are solid and firm. Maybe the medium is not for subtly graded colors, yet it can create colors with power.

“What’s coming —?”   “Crepus” oil pastel and color pencil on canvas paper
(Not for sale — a Crepus experiment)


幼稚園用のクレパス、そしてキャンヴァス ペーパーです。クレパスはいくらか指先で伸ばせるので、そうやってかなり伸ばしました。(ここが、Crayolaとは違いますね)

“What’s coming —?”   キャンヴァス ペーパーにクレパスと色鉛筆
(非売品 — クレパスの実験です)

Crepus experiment 1

Crepus experiment 1


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