To be a “story inciter” — / ストーリーを浮かび上がらせるアーティストに ・・・

Below, I said a bikini girl easily remind you of some ads.

Now, I’m not blaming those painters, especially of the “pop art” line, who make ad-like works. They have their raison d’etre.
Also, some others are insistent on technical mastery in their paintings.
Still some others strive for impacts in their works.
And there are a precious few, whose works stimulate viewers’ imagination and “incite some stories” in them. (not “describing an existing story” — rather, each viewer is invited to create his/her own story)

I have been wanting to be of the last category. Just look at the poorly drawn croquis below, which I made back in the late 1980s, when I started drawing. Yes, it is poorly drawn. One of my very first human model croquis. Still, I hope it incites some imagination and brings up a story in you. Since the very beginning of my career, I have been meaning to be a “story inciter.”

Poorly drawn 20-min croquis (quick drawing) from the 1980s — pencil on paper
Not for sale — one from the days when I started learning to draw

Very poorly drawn, yet incites some story in the viewer, I hope ---

Very poorly drawn, yet incites some story in the viewer, I hope —

Compare the one shown below —
you could easily make a beach resort ad
based on this!!!

Chalk on paper

Chalk on paper

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