Any cubist painter ??? / キュービストの方は、いらっしゃいませんか?

This is just something I made for fun, out of the Feb. 12 croquis I posted way below —
I usually do NOT work in a cubist style, and I sure hope some of you who work in a cubist style will try working with oil pastel!

As you know, oil pastel was first developed in 1921 then spread among some artists — which naturally means the heydays of cubism were already over when the medium was recognized by many painters. This explains why we do not see many cubist paintings in oil pastel.

So, if you paint in a cubist style and are interested in oil pastel, please try working with this particular medium and publish it somewhere!

Just for fun — not for sale  (oil pastel on paper)




面白半分 ・・・ 非売品(紙にオイルパステル)

Just for fun ---

Just for fun —


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