Withstanding a deluge?? / 豪雨を耐えてる?

Another 20 min x 6 poses human croquis (quick drawing) session today —
I’m experimenting with oil pastel, and if you are not reluctant to quick, coarse lines, oil pastel can be a nice medium to experiment with.

Here, coarse, wild vertical lines of oil pastel make the female model look like withstanding a terrible deluge —

20-min croquis, oil pastel on paper
(Not for sale — just an experiment croquis)

今日もまた、20分 X 6ポーズのクロッキー(速写画)会がありました。


(非売品 - クロッキーでの実験です)

♪ Deluge drops keep falling on my head ---

♪ Deluge drops keep falling on my head —


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