Another oil pastel experiment in 20 min / またもや20分でオイルパステルの実験

Another 20-min x 6-pose croquis (quick drawing) session on Sept. 25 — this time with a male model — somehow precious, in reality.
I “prepared” a sheet of paper with tri-color ball-point pen, and at the croquis venue I painted the silhouette of the model with different colors of oil paste. Hope it creates the “depressed” mood, which the model successfully expressed with this pose.

20-min oil pastel experiment, on paper “prepared” with 3-color ball-point pen
(Not for sale — an experiment)

20分 X 6ポーズのクロッキー(速写画)会がまた、9月25日にありました。今回は男性のモデルさん。現実には、男性のモデルさんは貴重ですね。

(非売品 ・・・ 実験ですので)

The model was a good actor ---

The model was a good actor —


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