Felt-tip marker experiment / マーカーでの実験

Oil pastel is not the only medium I’m experimenting with — recently, I began trying my old felt-tip markers as well. The intention?? Many consider “markers” as not the right medium for serious drawings and croquis (quick drawings), but I hope to turn the table around by finding a way to make serious “dessins” (drawings) with them.
So, I began trying them at the Oct 10 croquis session — as always, 20-minutes x 6 poses.

20-min experiment with felt-tip markers, on paper
(Not for sale — just an experiment)

そこで、10月10日のクロッキー会で、実験を始めました。いつもどおり、20分 x 5ポーズでした。

(非売品 ・・ 実験ですので)

Just cheap old felt-tip markers

Just cheap old felt-tip markers


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