“Merging with the Light” (光との融合)

Been posting beaded accessories, yet I’ve been working on paintings as well.
Now, in my previous two experiments, I tried to overcome some weaknesses of pointillism.
Here, I tried to take advantage of pointillism’s strength —-
In the one below, the “strength” I focused on was “dissolution –> merger (of colors)”.
After all, it’s a group of “color dots” on a surface. So, it’s easy in pointillism to make two different things (here, the body and the space containing it) dissolve and merge with each other —
I hope I successfully presented that advantage in here.

“Merging with the Light”, felt-tip marker on paper
(Not for sale — still an experiment)

このところビーズ アクセサリーばかり投稿してきましたが、絵画もやっております!
この例で活かそうとした「強み」は、「色が溶け出す感じ → 融合」ですね。

“Merging with the Light”(光との融合)、紙にマーカー
(非売品 ・・ まだ実験ですので)

Merging with the Light / 光との融合

Merging with the Light / 光との融合


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