My own rosary / 自分用の、新しいロザリオ

My new rosary / 自分用の、新しいロザリオ

My new rosary / 自分用の、新しいロザリオ


Scanned image / スキャナーで

Scanned image / スキャナーで

The first post in almost 5 months —
As I said before, I have shifted my focus over to paintings.

Now, my older rosary broke, so I made a new one for myself.

Want me to make some beaded things for you?
Just click “To order or inquire” on the black menu above, and
contact me, Heeday!

およそ 5か月ぶりの投稿になりますね。


クリックして、私(わしお ひでき)まで、ご連絡くださいませ!

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