What’s the difference!?!? / どこがちゃうねん!?

Another cartoon I made years ago, for a Japanese website discussing the nuke weapon race between the former USSR and the USA, back in the Reagan years.
You know, if a Martian came here and see what we, the earth humans have been doing, he? she? might be frightened by all the genocidal, self-destructive deeds we humans have been doing!! He? She? would certainly not wish to invase our planet….

Official: “This is a good, God-fearing US nuke missile.  That one is an evil, atheist Soviet nuke missile.”
Martian: “Hey, what’s the difference!?!?”

ちょっと想像していただければ… もし火星人がいて地球に来て、地球の人類のやってきた殺戮行為を知れば、恐怖に震えるでしょう。地球を侵略したいなどとは、夢にも思いますまい!

担当官: 「こちらは神の国アメリカの良い核ミサイル。あちらは、無神論の国ソビエトの、邪悪な核ミサイル」
火星人: 「どこがちゃうねん!?」

"What's the difference!?!?"

“What’s the difference!?!?”


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